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General Questions


What is BookSafari?

Book Safari is a book marketing company that promotes limited-time discounts on ebooks. Subscribers sign up to receive a daily email alerting them to deals in categories that match their interests, while authors and agents partner with us to reach book lovers who use our service.

How do I list and promote my books on

In order to promote your book on the site and have it listed as a daily or weekly feature, you need to create an Author Profile if one has not been built. If an Author Profile has already been built, always at no cost, you will be able to edit your bio, change your profile picture, and add any books you’ve written. During this process, you can contact us at to review marketing options, which would include the book or books you would like promoted along with the time period involved.

How much does a Featured Deal Promotion cost?

The cost for a Featured Deal is a one-time flat fee based on the cost of the book to be promoted. Generally, books featured and promoted with a price of $1.99 or less have a daily promotion fee of just $30.00.